Monday, August 10, 2015

10 for 10

I always look forward to this day - it's like hearing what all your friends got for Christmas on the first day back from holiday break. This year 10 for 10 happens to fall on my first day back to work, so in honor of starting back to school and participating in my first 10 for 10, I'm sharing...
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The 10 Picture Books I Can't Wait to Share With My New Class!
(In no particular order.)

1. Sometimes the biggest treasures are discovered by accident.  Larry made his way into my collection last summer after spotting him on the Worthington Library's book sale shelf.  Larry is constantly looking for the spotlight and learns a good lesson about sharing the stage.  It's a great read for the beginning of the year to help foster courteous listening skills.
 2. Mr. Tiger is one of my new favorite characters and I have come to adore all things Peter Brown.  This gem made its way into my room via a random visit to Cover to Cover.  Mr. Tiger shows us how important it is to follow your heart and march to your own beat.
 3. In keeping with my Peter Brown crush, My Teacher Is a Monster! was my first read aloud to my kids last year and I intend to make it my first again this year, too.
 4. Zachariah O'Hora illustrated Wolfie, the Bunny by Ame Dyckman.  In doing some research, I discovered several other titles by Zachariah O'Hora, including this recently published book.  I'm looking forward to discussing the author's message about acceptance.
 5. I have a very soft spot in my heart for Wolf!  Not only does it lend itself to those beginning of the year conversations about becoming a reader, but it was a favorite book of my dearest teacher friend who recently passed away. When cleaning out her classroom, I found her copy and was reminded of what an engaging story this is to share with the children.
 6. Abby Hanlon's Ralph is like many of the squirrely boys who show up in our classrooms full of life and spunk. I have been sharing this book with my kids during the first days of writing workshop for the past couple of years.  After hearing this story about Ralph and his struggle to write, I've seen students who have the same difficulty turn the corner and feel empowered to share their  small moments.

7. Rufus the Writer was on the new book shelf at the public library.  By the time I was home, I had it ordered so I could have my own copy.  It is a delightful story about a boy who decides to sell stories to his friends.  It's a great companion to Ralph Tells a Story and will inspire many young writers in my room.

 8. This book is absolutely darling. The soft illustrations and simple text make it what I like to call a quiet read.  I'm looking forward to sharing it on the first day when we share our Hopes and Dreams for the year and can dig into what the word extraordinary means so our class can strive for an extraordinary second grade experience.
9. I've bought this book in late May, soon after our school year came to a close.  While I've never wished a summer away, I've been anxiously awaiting the moment when Wolfie and Dot are introduced to my second graders.  Ame Dyckman has written a fantastic book full of smart humor that the kids are going to love. The illustrations by Zacharia O'Hora compliment the text and offer some good predicting opportunities.

10. Ferdinand the Bull has been a friend of mine for most of my life and that's why I share it with my students on the first day of school each year.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Every story has a beginning...

Well, I'm blogging!  Thanks to my friend Mandy at Enjoy and Embrace Learning for giving me the nudge to take the plunge.